What is covered in the cost of wedding planning?

Organising a wedding usually starts around 6 to 12 months before the actual event. Firstly, there is so much to do that this in itself requires the long organising process. Secondly, the best venues and sought-after services are booked early on and it is advisable to start preparations in time.

The cost of organising a wedding covers these months of work and the coordination of the wedding itself.

The first meeting or Skype conversation and the complete, personalised offer for the wedding plan are totally free of charge and not binding for you. If you are happy with our offer and you feel you would like us to organise your special event, we make a contract and start working together.

We have two different wedding packages for our international clients:

Our packages are flexible as we would like to offer high-quality and affordable service for everyone.

Other services and costs

Full-service wedding planning in Hungary