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Gitti and José LuisDear Timi,

You are the invisible angel to make our wedding day as special as one can only dream it to be!

You always knew what to do, how and where to go, right from the first time we met a year ago. You fulfilled every wish we had and every promise you made to help us make our wedding day unforgettable and absolutely beautiful!

You put your heart into what you do and this comes across each and every time we talk. We thank you for being a wonderful person who accompanied us on our big day. With your help we felt at ease at all times and our guests had an amazing time in Budapest! Organising a Hungarian-Mexican wedding with guests from 37 different countries is not an easy mission to do, yet you took it on with great energy and spirit! Köszönjük! Muchas gracias! Thank you! Xie Xie Ni! Obrigada! Grazie!...


Gitti & José Luis

Szilvi and GrahamIt’s hard to express the gratitude we feel towards our wedding coordinators.

They stood by us with full enthusiasm and patience since the beginning, they dreamt with us, gave us plenty of ideas and their recommendations worked out very well. Trust and peace of mind; we just floated with all the happenings and enjoyed every moment of our wedding day. Professionalism and honest vocation could describe them the most. Besides being responsible for organising and coordinating the event, they were also present as friends. It was so good to see the excitement and the tears in their eyes, which proved how much they enjoy their work. They did their best to make our wedding day perfect, the way we imagined it and indeed… our wedding was like a real dream! All the guests, Hungarians and Irish, remember it as one of the best weddings they have ever been to.

We highly recommend the “Beautiful Wedding Eskuvoszervezes Budapest” to everyone!


Szilvi and Graham

Andi and MiguelWhen Miguel and I started looking for a wedding planner, we knew we could only settle with the best: and it’s not just that our relatives and friends are spread to 3 continents and 8 different countries, but also that we were living more than 1500 km away from Hungary the whole time of the preparations. Timi and Anita were the right choice for many reasons: they were really flexible and available on Skype all the time; they managed to arrange all our appointments and meetings for the (very) few days we could spend in Hungary; and because they know and work together with simply the best reasonably priced vendors of Budapest. The Timi-Anita duo is like they were your mother and best friend at the same time: they have seen it all and are afraid of nothing.

In the end, our wedding turned out to be unbelievably perfect. One of our guests told us he doesn’t believe in marriage, but if he did, he would want a wedding just like ours.

Thank you!

Andi and Miguel

Danielle and AndrasDear Timea,

I would like to thank you on behalf of Danielle, our family, and our friends for organizing and coordinating our incredible wedding. We are forever grateful, and so thankful for all of your hard work and help! :)


Danielle and AndrasHi Timea,


It was absolutely flawless, exactly -and beyond- as we imagined! Just like us, every guests enjoyed it a lot, we already got many-many great feedback! People were trilled how many -and different- activities we had, and how smooth everything happened. I'm sure it would not have been possible without your dedicated work! Thank you

Mina and Ákos