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Wedding venues

As a result of its geographical location, rich history and culture, Hungary offers special wedding venues for couples wishing to get married here. Whichever wedding style you are planning to choose, these venues paired with the famous Hungarian hospitality will definitely provide a stunning background to this most important day of your lives.

The most popular venues among our customers:


City palaces and museums in Budapest

The image of Budapest is very much defined by classical style buildings from the end of the 1800s, the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The halls and courtyards of the beautifully renovated palaces are a stylish and elegant location for those who dream of a historical scenery for their wedding. 


Panoramic locations at the bank of the Danube

The river Danube runs through the middle of this beautiful city – on one side is the vibrant Pest, on the other the undulating, intimate Buda. This view of Budapest at the bank of the Danube is a World Heritage site. Wedding locations by the river such as ‘party ships’, hotels, restaurant terraces all show you a magical panoramic view of the city, with Gellert hill, the Citadel, the bridges and the Castle of Buda in the background. 

Buda Castle District

The 800-year- old Castle District in Buda is one of the most beautiful, most romantic parts of the city – it is living history itself. Coming here, you will feel that you are entering the past where Roman ruins are hidden among Baroque houses, and so many buildings stand there as architectural and cultural souvenirs of ages long gone: the majestic Royal Castle, the scalloped towers of the Matthias Church, the Fisherman’s Fortress (also known as the Gate of the Castle). These ancient locations can be the venue for a classical, “princess” wedding.


Castles and manor houses in the countryside

The Hungarian countryside holds magical venues for you – the residences and weekend havens of kings from centuries back are mostly hotels or event venues today. You could choose a lovely manor house, or the ballrooms of old castles, depending on whether you are planning a smaller, more intimate event or a luxurious, large wedding with lots of guests. 


Wine cellars and wine terraces

Hungary is one of the traditional ‘vintner countries’ of Europe, its most well-known wine producing area being Tokaj, home of the world famous Tokaji Aszú. If you love the romanticism of the countryside, this is a perfect choice for you – the hills full of vineries, the beauty of nature, and, in addition, traditional tasty Hungarian food and succulent wine. 


Sophisticated elegance, the sound of the waves, a breeze by the lake... The largest lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton awaits you if you wish to discover the stunning countryside and say yes to each other by the lake, with the scenic sunset in the background. You may want to get married in an elegant hotel, or a yacht club, or an exclusive marquee set up on the beach… all choices are excellent. 


Traditional, Hungarian style venues

The master of ceremonies, the “Vőfély” welcomes the guests with pálinka, the national drink of Hungarians. The guests arrive on a horse cart to a feast where home- made delicacies cooked in a clay oven, and the traditional meal is made even more delicious by the beautiful Gipsy tunes accompanying it… The unique scenery of the great Hungarian plain, the historical inns and horse farms have a very special atmosphere, one reminding you of traditional country weddings from years long past.